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As our community changesso will we,

While specialization is important to foster skills, techniques and experience; we encourage our practitioners to share information and learn from each other. The results? Our practitioners are well rounded, have a better understanding of the strengths of their peers and regularly tap into each others abilities when it best serves our client’s needs.

Continuing the civic philosophy and commitment to professional excellence, KEITH has grown to provide comprehensive and development services. From assisting with entitlements, due diligence and rezoning to site planning, design, permitting and final certification, our in-house suite of services allows for an efficient development process.

Geospatial Services

The Fundamentals of Focus

The KEITH Geospatial Services team utilizes the latest utility engineering and surveying technology to produce deliverables of the highest quality and accuracy for all our projects. Our professional engineers, surveyors, and technicians combine the benefits of the utility engineering process and survey methodology to address above-ground and subsurface utilities for infrastructure construction projects...

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Planning and Landscape Architecture

The Investment of Environment

Every space is a canvas, but one that people can step into and interact with. Planning and Landscape Architecture is neither beauty or science, but rather beauty combined with science; it’s a fusion of ecological design with biological and cultural ecology...

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Civil Engineering

Bringing Civility to Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering projects never follow a textbook path. Each site has it’s own unique issues and challenges. Reliability in design comes not just from state of the art computational tools, but from design-thinking skills and the engineering design experience among the Project Team...

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Transportation Engineering

Moving People, Goods and Vehicles Safely and Efficiently

Mobility connects people. From the things we buy to getting to our jobs on time it wouldn’t be possible without the flow of machines and people on the roads, rails, water and airways. It affects how people live. It affects our development. It affects our ability to flourish...

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Program and Construction Management

Oversight; Before, After and During

You’ve decided to build. The plans are rendered. What could go wrong? What can go right! It’s our job to ask and answer these questions, as many times as necessary. The simplified “take plans, specification and estimates then produce the end product” is what we want you to see, but we see more...

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