Keith Access
KEITH Access

Connecting: People with people, goods with people, and industries with people. Roadways, ports and waterways, airports, and railways. KEITH Access projects assure access. They have no borders. They are open and inviting to all; an integral part of our neighborhoods. They connect us to other places, other neighborhoods, other people, and other experiences.

KEITH Facility

Infrastructure: Providing safety and support to create the essential backbone of our community. Police stations, fire stations, emergency operations, medical facilities, treatment plants. KEITH Facility projects provide safety and support to create the backbone of our community. We believe that every place should secure natural and cultural resources for people to navigate freely through our collective infrastructure.


Stories: Creating the stage for everyday moments where one might expect the unexpected. Residential, commercial, mixed use, hospitality. KEITH Life projects are safe and clean spaces that bring together people, activities, and events that excite and inspire us. Designed for flexibility, these places can evolve with our ever-changing interests. We believe every place should enrich our lives and allow us to learn more about ourselves.

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